Avoiding browser popup for 401

I was facing this issue recently, too. Since you can’t change the browser’s default behavior of showing the popup in case of a 401 (basic or digest authentication), there are two ways to fix this:

  • Change the server response to not return 401. Return a 200 code instead and handle this in your JQuery client.
  • Change the method that you’re using for authorization to a custom value in your header. Browsers will display the popup for Basic and Digest. You have to change this on both the client and the server.
  • headers : { “Authorization” : “BasicCustom” }
  • Alternatively, if you can customize your server response, you could return a 403 Forbidden.
  • The browser will not open the authentication popup and the jquery callback will be called.

Please also take a look at.

  1. http://loudvchar.blogspot.in/2010/11/avoiding-browser-popup-for-401.html
  2. http://stackoverflow.com/questions/1297243/spring-security-how-to-mention-both-form-based-and-basic-authentication


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