Mixing ARC with Non-ARC in iOS

Apple announced support for ARC (Automatic Reference Counting) from iOS 5.

Prior to iOS 5, (i.e. Non-ARC) developer had to keep track of each object allocation manually and release after that object was not needed. Non-ARC also know as MRC (Manual Reference Counting).

ARC is not a runtime mechanism rather, it is a compiler level feature that automatically inserts release/retain statement during the compilation.

Developer can mixed up ARC and MRC files in a project as well as code snippet in a single source file.

1) Exclude Non-ARC file from being compiled with ARC

You can do that by setting the flag on the .m file


  1. Click the Project
  2. Select Target
  3. Build Phases Tab
  4. Compile Sources Section
  5. Double Click on the file name and add -fno-objc-arc to the popup window

Note: If you want to include a file in ARC, you can use the -fobjc-arc flag.

2) Mixing ARC with Non-ARC code in a source file.

You can use __has_feature, like this:

#if __has_feature(objc_arc)
    // ARC is On
    NSLog(@"ARC is On");
    // ARC is Off
    NSLog(@"ARC is Off");    

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