what are the alternatives to TestFlight ?

Looking for TestFlight alternatives? Here’s a list of Test Flight Alternatives you can try.

# Name Free/Paid Platform Comments
1 HockeyApp Paid iOS, MAC, Android & Windows Crash reports, Analytics, In-app user feedback. Acquired by microsoft
2 Applause Paid iOS & Android Crash reports, Analytics, In-app user feedback/bug report. Also work after your app will become live.OTA distribution.
3 Appaloosa Paid iOS, Android & Windows Targets enterprise app developers
4 AppBlade Paid iOS, Android & BlackBerry Secure your app beta, encrypt app data, and even completely wipe a tester’s device afterwards.
5 Installr Paid iOS & Android
6 Ubertesters Free & Paid iOS, Android & Windows In-app bug editing, marking, reporting and user feedback. OTA App destribution. Custom Logging.
7 TestFairy Free & Paid iOS & Android Crash reports, Report for CPU, memory, battery,Network, heat maps and more. Video output for bugs. User feedback on shake
8 HockeyKit Free iOS & Android Open source version of HockeyApp
9 Diawi Free iOS & Android Distribute app via link

I recommended to use TestFairyIts very simple to use and provide what all you want.